For just a moment, I lay awake, but with my eyes closed, hoping that it wasn’t my alarm and that I was dreaming.

The three beeps of my alarm sounded off again. I reached for my phone to promptly turn off that awful noise. While rubbing my eyes, I began…

  1. Not praying. Thinking and hoping is not prayer. Address Him and ask Him want you want. Don’t treat it as a fleeting thing.
  2. You are praying for the wrong things. We should constantly want His will to be done.
  3. Praying with the wrong motives. Ask yourself why do you what…

  1. Give thanks: gratitude opens our heart. Start your day with grateful heart. Find satisfaction in life and complaining doesn’t do much for you other than add dissatisfaction to your lives. 1 John 2:6; Philippians 1:6; James 1:8
  2. Practice humility. Give up selfish and vein desired to do the will of…

The Stories Of My Life

I want to tell stories from my life, and some that I thought of in the shower.

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